QuickTimes VR movies are made up of three elements :
- A panorama is a 360 degrees or less image
viewed from location in a real or virtual scene
called a node. A single-node panoramic VR
movie allows a user to look in all directions
from that node.
- An object is an interactive item that can be
viewed from angles. Object VR movies can be
linked to panoramas in a scriptable environment,
allowing a user to pick up and turn them from
within the panorama. Objects can also be used
independent of VR panoramas.
- A VR scene is a collection of several panoramas
or nodes, a panorama with one or more objects,
or several panoramas and objects all linked
together by interactive hot spots. In a multi-node
scene, a user can navigate from node to node to
move about the scene. Objects and panoramas
are stored separately, and are connected by
developer-provided scripting or code.

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